Adopting a CFO mind-set gives you a better understanding of your organisation's financial priorities and assists you in getting your CFO's buy-in for your budgets, project plans and proposals, requiring investment. This program provides details of the various responsibilities of CFOs in organisations to help you understand their viewpoint.

The 5-pack presents a practical outline of how CFOs pursue three of their basic priorities: managing costs, supporting revenue growth, and managing cash flows in the organisation. Understanding how CFOs accomplish these priorities can help you achieve your departmental goals more effectively.

Pack inclusions:

  • Making financial decisions
  • Managing risk
  • Developing a high-performance organisation
  • Mind-set and financial priorities
  • Preparing and presenting a business case

Learning objectives


Any professional looking to understand the CFOs viewpoint in terms of managing costs, supporting revenue growth and managing cash flow.

Thinking Like a CFO: Making Financial Decisions

Learn how a CFO perspective is applied to many of the activities and financial decisions you make on a daily basis.


Thinking like a CFO: Making financial decisions (41370567) - Online

Thinking Like a CFO: Managing Risk

An introduction to a process for managing regulatory and financial risks in line with CFO priorities.


Thinking like a CFO: Managing risk (41370575) - Online

Developing a High-performance Organization

Learn to assess an organisations potential for being high performance.


There are no Offerings available for this course.

Thinking Like a CFO: Mind-set and Financial Priorities

Learn basic tips to get you thinking like a CFO and importance of having this perspective.


Thinking like a CFO: Mind-set and financial priorities (41370563) - Online

Thinking Like a CFO: Preparing and Presenting a Business Case

Learn how to prepare and present a business case from a CFO’s perspective.


Thinking like a CFO: Preparing and presenting a business case (41370571) - Online

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