Gain a comprehensive overview of the SAP BusinessObjects business intelligence tools. These front-end applications allow you to view, sort and analyse business intelligence data, providing real time access to data for critical business decisions.

SAP BusinessObjects BI (also known as BO or BOBJ) is a suite of front-end applications that allow business users to view, sort and analyze business intelligence data. The suite includes the following key applications:

Pack inclusions:

  • SAP BusinessObjects: Crystal Reports
  • SAP BusinessObjects: Web Intelligence
  • SAP BusinessObjects: Dashboards and Analytics
  • SAP BusinessObjects: InfoView
  • SAP BusinessObjects: Business Intelligence

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Learning objectives


Anyone looking to expand their SAP BusinessObject skills.

SAP BusinessObjects: Business Intelligence

Learn how to properly use SAP Business Intelligence, by becoming more organised electronically, spot trends in business, and have a competitive edge because of its ability to securely and accurately report on and analyse a myriad of data.


SAP BusinessObjects: Business Intelligence (41370255) - Online

SAP BusinessObjects: Crystal Reports

This course provides an introduction to the Crystal Reports reporting tool, including an initiation to the user-friendly interface, the various formatting and layout options, as well as the various methods of data access.


SAP BusinessObjects: Crystal Reports (41370239) - Online

SAP BusinessObjects: Web Intelligence

This course provides an introduction to BusinessObjects Web Intelligence, highlighting some of its key features and benefits and allows time to practice your knowledge on common tasks.


SAP BusinessObjects: Web Intelligence (41370243) - Online

SAP BusinessObjects: Dashboards and Analytics

This course provides an introduction to dashboarding, and providing key business data in a very concise visual manner.


SAP BusinessObjects: Dashboards and Analytics (41370247) - Online

SAP BusinessObjects: InfoView

This course provides an introduction to the essential features and functions of SAP BusinessObjects InfoView and provides a look at some of the common activities performed using InfoView.


SAP BusinessObjects: InfoView (41370251) - Online

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