As you progress in your career it's important to focus on the core business skills you will require to stand out, be effective and make an impact in the work place. This comprehensive 10 pack of self-improvement courses is designed to focus on those areas that will allow you to enhance the contribution you make in the business.

Pack inclusions:

  • Diversity on the job: Diversity and you
  • Professionalism, business etiquette and personal accountability
  • Decision making: Tools and techniques
  • Problem solving: Determining and building your strengths
  • Negotiation essentials: Communicating
  • Using strategic thinking skills
  • Developing character for decisiveness
  • Improving your emotional intelligence skills: Self-awareness and self-management
  • Time management: Planning and prioritising your time
  • Being an effective team member

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You will have 365 days to access to this course.

Learning objectives


Any professional wanting to progress their career and improve across areas of decision making and problem solving.

Being an Effective Team Member

This course covers strategies and techniques to help you become an effective and valued member of your team. Specifically, you'll explore ways for adopting a positive approach to being on a team, like recognising the benefits of working on a team and learning to tolerate team member differences. You'll also learn how to work proactively and collaboratively with members of your team as you achieve your team's goals.


Being an effective team member (41370139) - Online

Developing Character for Decisiveness

This course examines steps in the decision-making process, followed by an introduction to the character traits that will help employees build confidence and make better decisions.


Developing character for decisiveness (41370883) - Online

Diversity on the Job: Diversity and You

Become more aware of your attitude toward diversity.


Diversity on the job: Diversity and you (41370791) - Online

Improving Your Emotional Intelligence Skills: Self-awareness and Self-management

Builf your emotional intelligence through appropriate actions and techniques for managing your emotions. Focus on competency areas of self-awareness and self-management. Identify and regulate your own emotions. Explore how to move from self-awareness to self-management and how self-management functions as a component of emotional intelligence.


Improving your emotional intelligence skills: Self-awareness and self-management (41370675) - Online

Time Management: Planning and Prioritizing Your Time

Focus on ways to prioritise your workload. Discuss how to prepare a useful to-do list and prioritise the items on it. Outline how to sequence and queue tasks to help improve your time management. Learn how to estimate time frames so you can schedule your tasks effectively and meet your deadlines.


Time management: Planning and prioritising your time (41370783) - Online

Using Strategic Thinking Skills

This course focuses on how to use strategic thinking skills, such as analysing information effectively and thinking creatively.


Using strategic thinking skills (41370339) - Online

Professionalism, Business Etiquette, and Personal Accountability

This course introduces the importance of personal accountability and outlines strategies for developing a personal accountability framework.


Professionalism, business etiquette, and personal accountability (41370867) - Online

Decision Making: Tools and Techniques

This course introduces a variety of tools and techniques to use at the three most important steps of the decision-making process: generating, evaluating, and choosing between alternative courses of action.


Decision making: Tools and techniques (41370811) - Online

Problem Solving: Determining and Building Your Strengths

The course takes you through the process of assessing and interpreting your existing problem-solving styles Identify areas for improvement in your problem-solving skill set and learn strategies for enhancing key skills. Learn how to recognise and overcome biases in a problem-solving situation.


Problem solving: Determining and building your strengths (41370799) - Online

Negotiation Essentials: Communicating

This course describes ways you can communicate effectively in a negotiation. It discusses how to set the tone for a negotiation, make an effective and clear proposal, and respond positively to the other party in the negotiation.


Negotiation essentials: Communicating (41370659) - Online

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