Successful managers have skills across a wide range of leadership and management areas. This comprehensive selection covers many of those skill areas such as, crafting and executing business strategy, managing a diverse team, business law and the managers responsibilities, and effective leadership communication strategies

This 10 pack is designed to provide you with the broad range of skills to develop effective leadership and management capacity.

Pack inclusions:

  • Crafting a business strategy that executes
  • Linking strategy to people and operations
  • Engaging top performers
  • Management essentials: Managing a diverse team
  • Business law and the manager's responsibilities
  • Monitoring and evaluating initiatives
  • Developing a high-performance organisation
  • Effective leadership communication strategies
  • Establishing team goals and responsibilities
  • Building your influence as a leader

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You will have 365 days to access to this course.

Learning objectives


Any professional looking to advance their career tand become effective managers and leaders.

Business Execution: Crafting a Business Strategy that Executes

Learn how to evaluate strategic initiatives and then prioritise, assign accountability, and translate those initiatives into short-term actionable targets.


Business execution: Crafting a business strategy that executes (41370535) - Online

Business Execution: Monitoring and Evaluating Initiatives

Learn tools and techniques to execute business objectives.


Business execution: Monitoring and evaluating initiatives (41370539) - Online

Developing a High-performance Organization

Learn to assess an organisations potential for being high performance.


Developing a high-performance organisation (41370519) - Online

Establishing Team Goals and Responsibilities

This course outlines initial steps that should be performed when building a team, including establishing the team goal and assigning roles to individual team members in a way that ensures the team will collectively meet its goal. The course also discusses the importance of fully understanding one's responsibilities and how the various roles work together to achieve the goal.


Establishing team goals and responsibilities (41370143) - Online

Leadership Essentials: Building Your Influence as a Leader

Learn methods and strategies to influence a team.


Leadership essentials: Building your influence as a leader (41370395) - Online

The Voice of Leadership: Effective Leadership Communication Strategies

Learn how leaders can effectively communicate their objectives to their teams.


The voice of leadership: Effective leadership communication strategies (41370439) - Online

Business Execution: Linking Strategy to People and Operations

Communicate a common understanding of the mission, values, and vision that drives your strategy.


Business execution: Linking strategy to people and operations (41370543) - Online

Engaging Top Performers

This course helps you recognise the characteristics of top performers and the benefits they bring to an organisation.


Engaging top performers (41370579) - Online

Management Essentials: Managing a Diverse Team

Learn how to manage a diverse team by understanding key diversity issues and setting ground rules.


Management essentials: Managing a diverse team (41370495) - Online

Business Law and the Manager's Responsibilities

Explore the impact and legal implications of your decisions at work.


Business law and the manager's responsibilities (41370327) - Online

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