Internet of Things ecosystem - Workshop SG 2018

What are the latest trends in IoT, its impact, as well as the opportunities for businesses to leverage on? With the increase in the use of IoT, security and privacy are important considerations as well. Understand the risks and security issues involved in the world of IoT, and how organisations can build a comprehensive and resilient security strategy for the use of IoT.

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The Internet of Things (IoT) is now pervasive in our personal lives and businesses, and when used in tandem with cloud architecture, has provided enormous value and opportunities for businesses. Examples include real-time tracking, data analytics, as well as new approaches to commerce and logistics. This access to a greater amount of information has resulted in a shift in the roles of accountants and finance professionals, allowing them to better serve their clients through more efficient processes, quicker turnaround time, and more targeted solutions. Understand how you can leverage on IoT and incorporate them in your day-to-day work, to bring more value to your company and clients.

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Trainer Profile:

Amelia Ching

Amelia Ching is the Principal Consultant of Singapore Management University(SMU) Academy and the founder of IT Consulting firm focusing on IT-enabled service and technology management improvement Practice and professional development.

Prior to joining SMU Academy, Amelia was the Academic Director of Financial IT Academy(FITA) @ SMU with overall leadership and management responsibility for the academy. Under her leadership, FITA has acquired the training service provider status on Institute of Banking and Finance(IBF) competency programmes for Technology. She has more than 2,000 professionals from both financial service and related IT industries come through their IBF accredited and National Infocomm Competency Framework (NICF) aligned programmes. The programmes offered include Financial Service Product Knowledge, Information Technology Risk Management and Security related masterclasses and workshops.

Learning objectives

  • Understand the characteristics of an IoT ecosystem
  • Compare and contrast a non-IoT vs IoT operating environment
  • Understand how the focus and models of lines of business may change, resulting in finance professionals’ roles evolving
  • Understand how having IoT information on the cloud can provide tremendous business benefits for organisations
  • Be familiar with the IoT standards published by Internet of Things Technical Committee (IOTTC) and the governance procedures needed to ensure adherence to these standards.


This workshop is suitable for CFOs, controllers, accountants, finance practitioners, and auditors.



3.5 hours

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