Financial risk management - Workshop SG 2018

This workshop prepares finance and accounting professionals to enhance decision-making in the current volatile financial markets. This workshop provides valuable insights into practical and theoretical developments of financial risk management strategies, and their application in a real world environment. Participants will learn about innovative financial products and financial processes in the major segment of equities, currencies, interest rates and commodities along with complete risk management.
Key Topics Covered:

• Introduction and overview of financial risk management
• Practice of risk management
• Risk analysis and evaluation which includes:
   o Equity risk mitigation techniques and hedging instruments
   o Currenty risk mitigation techniques and hedging instrments for corporation 
   o Commodity risk management
   o Credit risk management: Applications & Advantages
   o Operational risk management and control to support financial risk management
   o Liquidity risk management

This workshop is part of the Finance For the Future Program and is eligible for funding support of more than 40%* off the workshop fees.  Eligibility conditions apply.
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Trainer Profile:

Prof Malick SY, PhD
Prof Malick SY is the Managing Director of a financial consulting firm with offices in South East Asia. Specializing in Corporate Consulting and Risk Management, his expertise in these areas is recognized internationally. He has been a Director of Risk Management at the Kuala Lumpur Stock Exchange and has been member of the Singapore Exchange Corporate Advisory Committee in Derivatives (SGX-DT).

Learning objectives

• Prepares finance and account professionals to enhance all decision-making in current financial markets volatility
• Gain knowledge in innovative financial products and processes in major segment of equities, currencies, interest rates and commodities


This workshop is suitable for:

• CEOs /CFOs/ COOs
• Finance Directors /Financial Controllers /Finance Managers
• Risk Management Heads /Risk Managers / Risk Analysts
• Accountants/ Auditors
• Internal Auditors
• Risk control consultants
• Government bodies dealing with risk
• Professionals managing risk areas

1 day