Financial risk management - Workshop SG 2018

Corporate Treasury management techniques and structure offer many companies the opportunities for growth. However, problems occur when these techniques are either not fully understood or the wrong strategy implemented. When implementing corporate treasury management techniques, creating shareholder value is vital.

Gain comprehensive understanding of the operational aspects of treasury management for corporates, in particular, key strategies for successful Corporate Treasury Management.

The course makes extensive use of short problems, real and practical case studies.

Key Topics Covered:

• Current Challenges of Corporate Treasury Management
• Cash Flow and Liquidity Management
• Working Capital Management
• Managing Foreign Exchange and Interest Rate Risks
• Managing Other Corporate Risks
• Debt Financing Techniques for Corporates and Minimizing funding cost strategies
• Capital Structure – Optimum with Debt, Equity and Preference Shares.
• All about Gearing – Best Practice
• Capital Management
• Managing Risks in Debt Financing
• New derivatives and structured products to achieve corporate treasury risk mitigation
• Corporate Treasury dealing with Banks, best advises for deals closing.
• Measuring and evaluating corporate treasury performance, best practices.

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Trainer Profile:

Prof Malick SY, PhD
Prof Malick SY is the Managing Director of a financial consulting firm with offices in South East Asia. Specializing in Corporate Consulting and Risk Management, his expertise in these areas is recognized internationally. He has been a Director of Risk Management at the Kuala Lumpur Stock Exchange and has been member of the Singapore Exchange Corporate Advisory Committee in Derivatives (SGX-DT).

Learning objectives

• Prepares finance and account professionals to enhance all decision-making in current financial markets volatility
• Gain knowledge in innovative financial products and processes in major segment of equities, currencies, interest rates and commodities


This workshop is suitable for:

• CEOs /CFOs/ COOs
• Finance Directors /Financial Controllers /Finance Managers
• Risk Management Heads /Risk Managers / Risk Analysts
• Accountants/ Auditors
• Internal Auditors
• Risk control consultants
• Government bodies dealing with risk
• Professionals managing risk areas

1 day