Cybersecurity for finance professionals - Workshop SG 2018

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Cybersecurity is increasingly viewed not as an IT risk but as a business risk. A successful cybersecurity strategy requires involvement from the whole organisation, including the finance function. This workshop examines how finance leaders can incorporate cybersecurity as a priority in their business plans. In this workshop, you will learn to appreciate how cybersecurity incidents may result in multi-dimensional impacts to the corporate and personal ecosystem. Understanding some of the common motives for cyber crime will enable you to better apply good practices and actions to minimise or prevent cyber attacks.

Key Topics Covered:

  • Cybersecurity and its recent happenings
  • What is cybersecurity
  • Examples – key cybersecurity attacks incidents & the consequences of the attacks
  • Cyber crime landscape around the globe
  • Cybersecurity threats
  • Security Threat trend – current year and beyond
  • How real is the threat close to home
  • What trigger cyber attacks
  • Internal
  • External
  • How to safeguard against cyber crime
  • Software
  • Infrastructure
  • External system and processes
  • Good housekeeping in a firm
  • Monitoring – macro such as national security and political affairs
  • Personal security and confidential data management
  • Reporting illegal activities
  • Sharing national actions
  • Singapore national cyber crime action plan – Government’s key principles and priorities in combating cybercrime
  • What does that mean to you

This workshop is part of the Finance For the Future Program and is eligible for funding support of more than 40%* off the workshop fees. Eligibility conditions apply. Enter code FUTURE18 at checkout.

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Trainer Profile:

Amelia Ching

Amelia Ching is the Principal Consultant of Singapore Management University(SMU) Academy and the founder of IT Consulting firm focusing on IT-enabled service and technology management improvement Practice and professional development. Prior to joining SMU Academy, Amelia was the Academic Director of Financial IT Academy(FITA) @ SMU with overall leadership and management responsibility for the academy. Amelia is an accomplished banking veteran with 25 years of extensive working experience in corporate banking technology management and services. Prior to joining SMU, Amelia has held few key roles in Citibank including Risks and Controls, Global Operational Readiness, Production Support and Program and Project management. She was also instrumental in leading the production support vendors consolidation and global IT  outsourcing clearance exercises for one of the corporate banking businesses. Her many successes in Citibank include setup and management oversight of Centre of Excellence, Outsource Service Operations Management and the rollout of Citibank’s global systems for the Asia region. 

Learning objectives

  • Understanding the different aspects of cyber crime
  • Learn how to safeguard against cyber crime
  • Gain insights from the Singapore governments key principles and priorities in combating cyber crime
  • Apply the learning through case studies discussion relating to cyber security in the business and finance environment


This workshop is suitable for accountants, finance practitioners, team members, auditors and CFOs. Any professional who is keen on understanding cyber risks and how to safe guard against cyber crime.



1 day