Treasury management: Capital & financial management strategies - Workshop 2017

Learn the various aspects of debt and equity management including the financial risk management techniques enabling them to put them into practice in their area of work.

Key topics covered

1. Capital Management strategies

  • Seeking a commonly standard for capital management
  • Understanding the business – key to capital management
  • Critical elements in capital management
  • Case study – Singapore REITs

2. Corporate Financing Decisions

  • Capital structure decision – funding the growth
  • Pros and cons for equity and debt
  • Maintaining optimal gearing

3. Managing Equity

  • Equity fund raising
  • Tap on different equity sources
  • Case study: Perpetual Security

4. Managing Debt

  • Spread debt maturities profile
  • Diversify funding sources
  • Minimise funding costs
  • Manage FX and interest risk
  • Bank Management

This workshop is part of the Your Business & Finance Advantage Program and is eligible for funding support of 50% off the workshop fees.  Eligibility conditions apply.  Enter code YBFA50 at checkout. 

Trainer profile

Kelvin Loo

Kelvin has more than 17 years of lecturing experience in the area of finance, accounting, bank treasury, derivatives, and treasury services. He designed and conducted professional certification, post‐graduate diploma, degree, public seminars and in‐house training for Financial Institutions and Corporations. Professionally, Kelvin had more than 13 years for banking experience. He was previously with DBS Bank and held the position of Senior Vice President, Corporate Advisory of Global Financial Markets. Since 2009, he has been appointed as the Chief Financial Officer of a Singapore listed Real Estate Investment Trust which owned and managed a portfolio of assets across the Asia Pacific region. Kelvin has a Master of Finance from Macquarie University with three distinguished awards: Best Overall Performance, Best in Derivatives Valuation and Best in Legal & Tax Risk in Finance. He also possesses a professional qualification in accounting from the Institute of Singapore Chartered Accountants (ISCA) and is a Chartered Accountant with ISCA.

Learning objectives

Gain insights in the following areas:

  • Overview of capital management approaches
  • Importance of managing long-term assets with long-term liabilities
  • Various financial indicators. E.g. Gearing Ratio, current ratio and acid ratio
  • Importance of understanding the business from a cash flow perspective
  • Critical factors to consider in capital management
  • Optimal Capital structure of the company
  • Pro and cons of using debt and equity
  • Maintaining optimal gearing ratio and debt capacity
  • Managing Debt – best practice
  • Managing refinancing risks and liquidity management
  • Senior secured and unsecured bank financing, Short term debt financing
  • Key factors to consider in bond issuance
  • Minimise the cost of debt and maintaining a credit rating
  • Bank management and management of interest rate
  • Management of foreign exchange risk
  • Equity fund raising. IPO, Private Placement, Preferential Offering, rights issue
  • Quasi- equity instruments
  • Corporate Treasury Management




This workshop is suitable for those who want an understanding on treasury management within a corporate environment. This workshop would also be beneficial to accountants, finance controllers, business owners and those who are involved in financial control functions within their organisation


1 day