Cost accounting - Singapore Workshop 2017

This workshop shows you how the mechanics of Activity-Based Costing (ABC) can be harnessed in practice to improve business performance, so that you can decide whether that’s worth the effort of implementing ABC.

Key topics covered

1. Why Activity-Based Costing?

  • Objectives
  • Components

2. Tracing resources to activities (including pain points)

  • Identifying processes & activities
  • Costing each activity

3. Assigning activity costs to products & customers

  • Relevance of activity cost rate
  • Assigning activity costs to products & customers
  • Assessing product profitability & customer profitability

4. Using performance measures

  • Types of performance measures
  • Relationship with cost drivers

5. Identifying & managing cost drivers –do’s & don’ts

This workshop is part of the Your Business & Finance Advantage Program and is eligible for funding support of 50% off the workshop fees. Eligibility conditions apply.  Enter code YBFA50 at checkout. 

Trainer profile

Grace Chow

Grace Chow has over 20 years of working experience in public accounting, banking, fund management, and corporate training. She has conducted regional financial management & related programs for a wide range of clients in the Asia-Pacific region, and has worked closely with many in developing and assessing business plans which cover strategic marketing to process improvement. She is highly experienced in training participants with no financial background especially sales and marketing professionals and engineers, and at different levels from top management to executives. Grace is the author of a book titled "Accounting Made Simple – A Layperson’s Perspective"published by the Singapore Institute of Management (SIM) and has contributed a chapter to another book titled "The Essence of Financial Accounting" (Special Asian Edition) which is jointly produced by Prentice-Hall and SIM.

Learning objectives

  • Know how to cost products and customers in order to assess product profitability &/or customer profitability
  • Know how to identify cost drivers
  • Understand the management of cost drivers from both cost management and business development perspectives


The workshop is suitable for Management Accountants, Financial Planners and Analysts, Finance Controllers, Business Unit Managers and middle management level finance-based delegates.

1 day