Thinking inside, outside and without a box - Workshop 2016

Has your experience as an accountant been guided by a fixed mindset? A mindset that can often limit creativity and development, where you find yourself relying heavily on past experiences to support the recommendations and decision you make at work. If so, it is time to look to new horizons and find ways to step away from thinking 'inside the box' and progress to thinking 'outside the box' and finally to thinking 'without a box'. Learn how you can reach the ‘box-less’ state by overcoming the three most powerful mind forces and how, in doing so, you can transform the disturbances that the 2016 storm may bring into a positive ‘ROI’ for a successful year ahead!

Companies are expected to face a myriad of challenges in 2016, triggered by a leaner workforce, moderating Singapore economy, weak global demand and volatile markets.

With more global competition at our doorsteps, the pressure is on for accounting and finance professionals to ensure they can continue to add value to their organisations and increase their employability. How can accountants become better business partners in their companies? What are the critical soft skills needed to stand out as a top performer?

CPA Australia has designed a series of workshops to help you to chart your progress and equip you with the necessary personal effectiveness skills to help you stay ahead! Take the plunge and broaden your skill sets today with a more inclusive approach.


This workshop is part of the Personal Effectiveness Series. Enter code PES16 when you register for 3 or more workshops to enjoy savings.


Learning objectives

Course objective:
- explore ways to step away from thinking 'inside the box'
- overcome the three most powerful ‘mind forces’
- explore the use of a creative mindset

Speaker: Dr Senthu Jeyaraj is the Founder of OrgCognisance (OrgCog). With a PhD qualification, and trained in Psychology, Dr. Senthu has close to 12 years of combined work experience in academia and industry. She has worked with academic and research institutes such as National Institute of Education, James Cook University (Singapore), Leadership Research Institute (University of Southern Queensland), and Human Capital Leadership Institute (Singapore). In 2012, she founded OrgCog and has been working as a Consulting Psychologist in the assessment and development space. She is the recipient of multiple awards, including the ACEL national award, Best Lecturer (educational facilitation) and People’s Choice Award (public speaking).


This program is suitable for all employees and employers particularly accounting and finance professionals including Financial Accountants, Cost Accountants, Management Accountants, Financial Auditors, Financial Analysts, CFOs and anyone who wish to improve their soft skills.

3 hours