Cost accounting - Comparing the Big Three (ABC, Standard, Zero-Based) - Workshop 2016

The program will work through the following outline and how it applies to the work environment:
- Comparing the Big 3 of costing systems
- Projections & forecasting
- Product life-cycle costing
- Costing and ‘make-or-buy’
- Pricing decisions


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Learning objectives

The following are the learning outcomes of the program:
•  An examination of the main types of costs, their purpose and how they should be treated
• Consider the need for a reliable costing system with clear, well-understood cost processes
• Replace subjective estimates
•  Clarify the methodology of ABC, Standard and Zero-based costing
• Remove the myths, discover the benefits of each of the three systems
• Hear insights from the following subject matter expert:

William Francis Rowlands
Francis Rowlands is an international business trainer who has delivered programs across several major global brands in Asia such as KPMG, Sony, Coca Cola and Renesas. He also has extensive experience working with large national corporations and SMEs, as well as professional institutes in Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore and the United Kingdom. He has more than 15 years’ experience in manufacturing industries, eight years in the motor industry and nearly 25 years as a business development specialist across most business sectors. Francis headed the Management Accounting team for British Oxygen’s (BOC) largest UK subsidiary, and was responsible for three manufacturing plants.


This program is suitable for:

• Directors and the senior management team ‐ responsible for stakeholder satisfaction & sustainability;

• Accountants, Financial Managers & Controllers ‐ needing to be on top of their game;

• Business Unit Managers & Operational Audit Managers – to ensure organisational stability

1 day