Communication skills for finance: Effective communication of financial information - Workshop 2016

This workshop is conducted mainly through real case studies, sharing of experiences by trainer, group discussions and cross-sharing amongst participants.
1. Why are soft skills essential for accountants?  
• Implication of lack of communication or miscommunication
• Cross-sharing of challenges faced in dealing with non-finance colleagues
2. Role of finance & accounting team as service provider / business partner 
• Use of value-chain approach
• Opportunity to rise beyond traditional accounting role
3. Common areas of mis-communication   
• Confusion over the use of differing reports and how they fit it
• Confusion over the use and interpretation of management accounts
• Differing interpretation of variances
• Ambiguity surrounding corporate allocations
• Problems with terminology
• Danger arising from ambiguous accounts
• Misconceptions on the role of internal audit
4. Pointers for effective communication
• Do’s & don’t
• Checklist

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Learning objectives

The rapid progress of information technology has made it possible for accountants to generate very detailed and multi-faceted financial information. This, however, often confuses users, rendering the financial information ineffective at best and creating doubts on the credibility of reports at worst. It is important for accountants to see the use of financial information from the users’ perspective and be able to obtain buy-in through effective communication of such information.

The following are the learning outcomes of the program:
• Understand the role of finance managers and accountants as internal service provider / business partner
• Know the soft skills necessary for an information system to be effective
• Avoid pitfalls in the communication of financial information
•  Hear insights from the following subject matter expert:

Grace Chow
Grace Chow has over 20 years of working experience in public accounting, banking, fund management, and corporate training. She has conducted regional financial management & related programs for a wide range of clients in the Asia-Pacific region, and has worked closely with many in developing and assessing business plans which cover strategic marketing to process improvement. She is highly experienced in training participants with no financial background especially sales and marketing professionals and engineers, and at different levels from top management to executives.

Grace is the author of a book titled “Accounting Made Simple – A Layperson’s Perspective” published by the Singapore Institute of Management (SIM)  and has contributed a chapter to another book titled “The Essence of Financial Accounting” (Special Asian Edition) which is jointly produced by Prentice-Hall and SIM.


The program is suitable for middle management level finance-based delegates including Finance Managers, Management Accountants, Financial Planners & Analysts.

1 day