Building interpersonal skills – Enhancing business relationships - Workshop 2016

Improve your performance through better interpersonal skills. When you understand who your important peers are and their roles in organizational success, you can focus on building a mutually supportive relationship. One that is solid. One that is responsive. One that helps both you and them succeed.

In this program you will learn how to identify key peers, improve relationships and deliver greater value to your organisation.

This program will cover the following outline:
• Driving from the top: goal focused stakeholder assessment: Identify the key people
• The Power structure for effective relationships through meetings, reporting or challenging conversations
• Connecting with your peers: go deeper than the words
• The role of communications and messaging: the 5Cs of Communicating and Dialogue
• Building relationships in real life: case study and application
• The life cycle of relationships

This workshop is part of the Finance Operations Development Program and eligible for funding support of up to 43% off the course price. Eligibility conditions apply.

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Learning objectives

The following are the learning outcomes of the program:
• Why peer based networks are your most valuable career asset
• How to use stakeholder assessment to focus and prioritise your efforts
• 8 different ways of building strong supportive peer relationships
• The one thing that undermines business relationships and what to do about it
• When to deal with the tough issues
• How to design the interactions to meet both your needs
• How to improve your credibility, performance and success
• Hear insights from the following subject matter expert:

Joanne Flinn
Joanne Flinn founded Shelton Consulting Pte Ltd in Singapore in 2003 to help people and organisations improve performance. Joanne was a senior executive in several major multinationals in Asia, and is a published author. She has conducted training with PricewaterhouseCoopers, DBS, Bank Julius Baer AIS and CPA Australia. Joanne holds degrees in Finance, Investment, Economics, Law Masters of Science in Consulting and Coaching for Change jointly delivered by University of Oxford, Said Business School and HEC Paris.


This program is suitable for Practicing and Non-Practicing Accountants, Managers and Business Owners to looking to improve their communications and interpersonal skills.

1 day