Communication skills for finance professionals - Workshop 2018

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Mr Ang Ming Ern

The workshop will identify what makes communication effective and some skills participants can put into practise immediately to become better communicators.

Key topics covered:

• Communication as a process
• Communication resources
• Barriers to communication
• Power of listening, observation and conversation
• Tone patterns
• Rapport
• Clarity
• How we communicate
• Power of intent

Learning objectives

At the end of the workshop, participants will be able to:

• describe barriers to communication and how to overcome them
• describe and explain briefly the communication process
• explain and demonstrate how to build rapport with others
• recognise the importance of listening in communication and being aware of assumptions
• describe how to make communication clear and the importance of clarity
• understand that what is meant is not always what is understood (intention vs. perception)
• recognise the importance of asking questions
• describe key learning points derived from workshop activities

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Individuals who wish to build on their communication skills for their personal growth, career advancement and future development.



1 day