Integrated tax planning - from the income tax and GST perspective - Workshop 2018

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Mr T Seelan

This workshop will explore the impact of a transaction from the GST and income tax perspective.

Key topics covered:

1) GST planning

  • What is GST planning
  • Objectives of GST planning
  • General approaches to GST planning
  • GST planning considerations
  • Planning triggers
  • Cash flows

2) Income tax planning

  • Purpose of tax planning for companies
  • Generic tax planning concepts
  • Corporate and financing structures
  • Types of Income
  • Maximising tax deductions
  • Capital expenditure

Learning objectives

At the end of the workshop, participants will be able to:

  • explore and understand GST planning
  • explore and understand income tax planning
  • learn how the GST and income tax planning integrated with each other and their impact on the business

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Managing directors, CEO, accountants, financial controllers, accounts/ finance managers/executives, administration managers/executives, personnel managers/ executives, HR managers/executives, entrepreneurs



1 day