Practical assignment of the new and revised GST tax codes - Workshop 2018

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Mr Yee Hun Leek

This workshop is intended to provide an in-depth understanding of the 34 recommended tax codes by integrating GST concepts and mechanism with the latest relevant GST updates, accounting double entries with GST tax codes and IT systems. Interactive power-point presentation with practical examples and illustrations will be used.

Key topics covered:

  • Revisit Malaysian GST Model with updates
  • Mastering the new and revised 34 GST tax codes
  • GST-03 return and revised GAF Version 2.0
  • and more

Learning objectives

At the end of the workshop, you will be able to:

  • obtain the latest GST developments by RMCD
  • have a deeper understanding of the 34 GST tax codes recommended by RMCD as at 2 March 2017
  • apply the correct GST treatments and tax codes for different business transactions
  • understand an overview of the GST tax codes comparison: BL vs TX-NC, NP vs NS, ZRE vs ZDA, OS vs OS-TXM
  • learn accounting double entries and mapping of tax codes to GST-03 return
  • explore the new GST Audit File (GAF) Version 2.0
  • recognised GST audit findings related to assignment of tax codes

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Accounts assistant, accounts executive, Chartered Accountant, finance manager, it consultant / manager, auditors, tax agent / consultant, finance director / financial controller / CFO, general manager / CEO / COO, company directors and business owners



1 day