GST risk management - common mistakes and how to avoid them - Workshop 2018

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Mr Krishnan KSM

Businesses should be proactive in managing their GST compliance. Most of the mistakes and errors may occur at the input stage due to lack of practical knowledge on GST rules. Having the right knowledge is a step forward in managing the risks and improving compliance. Unnecessary time and resources spent on rectifying GST transactional errors, custom tax audits and penalties for filing incorrect GST returns will be avoided if the staff is properly equipped with applicable knowledge.

This one day workshop will provide an opportunity for the participants to learn, understand, apply and effectively manage their GST compliance issues relevant to their shifting business situations.

Key topics covered:

  • Module 1: An overview of common GST errors and mistakes to avoid
  • Module 2: Common GST errors in importing/exporting of goods and services
  • Module 3: Common GST issues and errors
  • Module 4: GST law related issues

Learning objectives

At the end of the workshop, participants will be able to:

  • an overview of common GST errors and mistakes to avoid
  • common GST errors in importing and exporting of goods & services
  • common GST issues and errors
  • GST law related issues

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Managing Directors, CEO, accountants, financial controllers / managers / executives, administration managers / executives, personnel managers / executives, HR  managers / executives, entrepreneurs and anyone who wants to know about GST risk management

1 day