Practical updates on Companies Act 2016 requirements for finance professionals - Workshop 2018


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Mr J Selvarajah

This workshop highlights the key areas of the Companies Act 2016 that have most significance, and which impact accounting and issues and the preparation of financial statements, together with the impact on MPERS and MFRS financial reporting and the auditor’s reporting requirements. All issues are fully illustrated for ease of understanding and practical implementation.

Key topics covered:

  • Financial statements, reports and auditor’s appointment, re-election and reports
  • The solvency test
  • Directors duties and impact on financial reporting
  • Directors’ report and other director statements
  • and more

Learning objectives

At the end of the workshop, you will be able to:

  • learn the key areas and updates on the new Company Act
  • explore how the new Company Act will impact accounting and preparation of financial statements
  • explore the impact of the new Company Act on MPERS and MFRS financial reporting and the auditor’s reporting requirements

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Accountants / accounts executive / associate, finance / corporate finance executive and planner, internal or external auditors

2 days