Comprehensive approach to MPERS series (Part 1 to 4) - Workshop 2018

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Ms Oh Ai Sim

This workshop series will provide participants with practical approach to understand and apply the recognition and measurement principles and updates to MPERS in four parts:

• Part 1: Presentation of MPERS financial statements (5-Apr)
This workshop will highlight the presentation requirements of the first set of MPERS financial statements (single company and group presentations) including new disclosures and recognition and measurement principles of income statement items.

• Part 2: Recognition and measurement principles of MPERS (09-Feb)
A good understanding of the accounting of individual items on the statement of financial position is very relevant when apply the MPERS framework. This course will provide the key drivers of the recognition and measurement principles of the MPERS framework.

• Part 3: How to construct your first day opening MPERS statement together with disclosures required (13-Mar)
All entities adopting MPERS for the first time must be conversant with how to identify the Day 1 requirements set out in Section 35 of MPERS. This covers detailed steps in how to derive the opening balance including the reconciliation comparatives for a first set of MPERS financial statements.

• Part 4: Areas of emphasis of the first MPERS financial statements: Specific consideration areas (16-Apr)
This workshop will enable you to evaluate circumstances in their companies and review specific areas of potential difficulties relating to property, plant and equipment, investment property, borrowing costs and biological assets, particular in the preparation of financial statements (including the preparation of disclosure notes) using examples, illustrations and cases.

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Each workshop is 8 cpd hours and is from 9.00am to 5.00pm.

Learning objectives

To provide a comprehensive, systematic and practical approach to mastering MPERS by illustrative examples and case studies.

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CFO’s, financial controllers, COO’s, CEOs and managing directors, chartered accountants, advisors, and auditors, company secretaries and business consultants, professionals and staff involved in preparing MPERS financial statements



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