Public Rulings 2016 – changes in tax treatment and procedure - Workshop 2017


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Mr Vincent Josef

This workshop explores the selected public rulings on the basis that they feature challenging aspects of the subjects encountered usually in the course of business and preparing tax computations.  Practical examples, analysis, and explanations will be provided. 


  • No. 6/2016 Group Loss Relief for Companies
  • No. 5/2016 Tax Incentives for Employers who provide Child Care Centres
  • No. 4/2016 Tax Incentives for Persons Operating Kindergartens
  • No. 3/2016 Tax Treatment of Interest Income of Persons carrying on a Business
  • No. 12/2015 Recovery of Tax from Persons leaving Malaysia
  • No. 10/2015 Investment Holding Companies
  • No. 9/2015 Deduction of Interest Expense/Interest from Related Persons
  • No. 8/2015 Loans and Advances to Directors by a Company
  • No. 5/2015 Taxation of Limited Liability Partnerships

Learning objectives

At the end of the workshop, participants will be able to:

  • understand the respective topics better by know the implications of the law and the words and language used
  • recognise the circumstances under which uncommon receipts would be liable or not
  • define the treatment of certain expenses, whether it is allowable or not allowable
  • prepare computations and submit Returns in accordance with the law and thereby avoiding problems with the tax authorities

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Finance managers, financial controllers, accountants, auditors, financial managers, company secretaries and tax practitioners.

1 day