Enhancing interpersonal and professional communication skills at the workplace - Workshop 2017

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Ms K Yasotha

Communication is a vital tool to get messages across accurately whether in personal lives or in organisations. Poor communication leads to erosion of personal and working relations and a morale problem that would need attention.

This workshop analyses the various aspects of communication - verbal, non-verbal and written - to enhance communication skills.


  • Module 1: Understanding workplace communication
  • Module 2: Identifying and overcoming communication barriers
  • Module 3: Enhancing speaking and listening skills at work
  • Module 4: Enhancing self-esteem and assertiveness skills 
  • Module 5: Paying attention to non-verbal communication
  • Module 6: Conflict resolution for better workplace relationships

Learning objectives

At the end of the workshop, participants will be able to:

  • realise the importance of effective workplace communication
  • identify and overcome workplace ¬†communication barriers¬†
  • understand the role of enunciation in speech clarity
  • recognise the importance of listening skills for better understanding
  • practice assertive communication to build relationships
  • enhance self-esteem to express views and opinions more confidently
  • know the role of body language for communication effectiveness
  • understand conflict management strategies to improve workplace relationships

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Designed for professionals, supervisors, managers, or any individuals who want to advance in their career by being able to communicate more effectively as well as to be able to create a good communicative climate for interpersonal relationship.

2 days