Developing the assertive and effective leader with NLP - Workshop 2017

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Ms K Yasotha

The ability to lead effectively is based on a number of key skills. Such leaders have a great ability to motivate and inspire people to deliver results. Understanding personalities coupled with assertiveness enables leaders to handle a wide range of situations confidently and successfully.

This workshop will cover the different types of leadership styles and how leaders could handle different behaviour styles using NLP.


  • Module 1: The fundamentals of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)

  • Module 2: Getting to the basics of leadership excellence

  • Module 3: Appreciating different personalities at the workplace

  • Module 4: Communicating and managing conflicts skilfully using NLP

  • Module 5: Building Successful Teams through Excellent People Management

  • Module 6: Coaching and Counselling the NLP way

This is part of the Leadership Suite.
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Learning objectives

At the end of the workshop, participants will be able to:

  • Grasp the concepts of limiting beliefs and changing internal states

  • Provide constructive feedback and criticism as an effective leader

  • Coach and counsel using nine listening levels and supporting key skills

  • Learn the major personality types and how to get along with different personalities

  • Learn how to maintain a positive attitude during difficult situations

  • Practise mirroring technique to build better relationships

  • Enjoy better communication using framing and reframing NLP models

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Managers, leaders, supervisor and anybody who wants to learn more about this topic

2 days