GST post implementation - practical issues and GST codes - Workshop 2017

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Mr T Seelan

This workshop highlights the findings from Customs GST audits, expounding on areas that require attention in the recording of transactions and submission of GST returns. This includes problem solving techniques and an understanding of the accounting software systems, illustrated by the various examples of GST accounting entries. This workshop will also cover the relationship between GST and cross border transaction.


  • Customs’ GST Audit Findings
  • Latest Gazetted GST Amendments to the Finance Bill
  • Customs’ recent updates on GST accounting entries and problem solving
  • Customs’ Findings on GST Returns and problem solving
  • Features of GST and cross border transactions

Learning objectives

At the end of this workshop, participants will be able to :

  • prepare their business for the transitional period¬†
  • pivot successful and smooth transition into GST regime
  • understand and apply the concept of GST return preparation¬†
  • learn and understand the accounting entries for GST transactions
  • understand the link between tax codes and the GST returns
  • identify issues and challenges in their business functions related to GST
  • identify issues in their business functions related to GST
  • understand the relationship between GST and Cross border transaction¬†

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Managing directors, CEO, accountants, financial controllers, accounts/ finance managers/executives, administration managers/executives, personnel managers/ executives, entrepreneurs, practitioners

1 day