Managing and dealing effectively with difficult people - Workshop 2017

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Ms Shuba Kumar

This workshop gives the participants the "how to's" of effectively handling difficult people. It provides a practical guide on how to handle difficult people and review their options when faced with difficult, aggressive or uncooperative people.


  • Developing your understanding of behaviour
  • Interpersonal skills and assertiveness
  • Strengthening your impact
  • Dealing with difficult people
  • Communication and listening skills
  • Setting clear and healthy boundaries

Learning objectives

  • Develop a straight forward and productive management style
  • Understand how “difficult behaviours” in others keep us from doing our best work and what we can do about it
  • Identify and understand different people personality types
  • Demonstrate the art of active listening and the art of handling different difficult people
  • Identify the barriers in dealing with difficult people
  • Minimise the impact of personality conflicts on performance
  • How to deal with each personality type and develop constant win – win communication
  • Experiment with new approaches to a wide range of challenging situations
  • Learn to strategies for handling situations when your buttons get pushed – how to respond, rather than react and how to “unhook” and get back on track

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Any professionals, supervisors and managers with management responsibility who want to reduce stress in the workplace and develop their skills in the crucial area of people management

2 days