5E in people management - Workshop 2017

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Mr Bryan Ng Chun Seong

This workshop is designed for managers who wanted to have an overview and understanding of how to effectively manage staff.


  • First things first
  • Envision: Painting the right picture
  • Energise: Moving a person’s heart
  • Enable: Providing the tools
  • Enforcement: Creating the right habits
  • Empowerment: Passing on the power
  • Action plan and follow through

This is part of the Leadership Suite.
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Learning objectives

At the end of the workshop, participants should be able to:

  • understand principles of effective People Management
  • leverage on the 5Es in managing subordinates
  • learn to tackle problem situations during the communication
  • enforce the right habits
  • empower the subordinates to run the operations independently

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General Manager, managers, leader, supervisors who have subordinates and anyone who is interested on the topic area

1 day