Implementing ISQC 1 - practical and hands-on approach for SMPs - Workshop 2017

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Mr Ramesh Ruben Louis 

This workshop will equip participants with effective and efficient approaches, policies and procedures to not only comply with the requirements but also uphold the quality of their practice, which is the ultimate aim of the ISQC 1.


  • Applying the 6 elements of ISQC 1 Redrafted proportionately vs. selectively - Specific considerations for smaller entities
  • Element 1: Leadership Responsibilities
  • Element 2: Ethical Requirements
  • Client Relationship – Acceptance & Continuance
  • Human Resource Matters
  • Engagement Performance – Quality of work done
  • Monitoring  

Learning objectives

At the end of the workshop, participants will be able to:

  • understand the proper adoption and application of the policies and procedures of ISQC 1 in audits of financial statements
  • learn how to implement the requirements of ISQC 1 Redrafted in their practices in a practical manner

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Public practitioners form all levels, especially partners, principals and managers; and those keen to get a better understanding on quality control measures for public accounting practice

1 day