Tax audits and investigation - the legal and practical issues - Workshop 2017


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Mr Kularaj K. Kulathungam

This workshop will provide practical and legal guidance to taxpayers and practitioners on tax audits and tax investigations based on the various Tax Audit and Tax Investigation Frameworks issued by the DGIR.


  • Tax audit and investigation framework 
  • Factors that could trigger audits and investigations by the DGIR
  • Preparing for tax audits and potential investigation
  • Finalisation of tax audit and tax investigation cases 
  • Audit and investigation penalties 
  • Risks taxpayers’ face in an investigation 
  • Public Rulings and discussions on relevant tax cases 

Learning objectives

At the end of the workshop, participants will be able to:

  • obtain a sound knowledge of income tax laws and regulations
  • gain insights into the IRB’s Audit and Investigation Framework
  • obtain clarity on potential areas of uncertainty within the provisions of the ITA 1967 and review of relevant tax cases

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Company directors, business owners, tax practitioners, tax executives, accountants, company auditors

1 day