Staying positive and stress free in today’s challenging workplace (18-Mar-2016)

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In today’s fast-paced workplace, great demands are placed on an individual, resulting in tension and worries. If not managed well, this can lead to stress which may impact relationships, productivity and even health. 

This workshop focuses on understanding and managing stress effectively at the workplace in order to enjoy a more productive and meaningful life.

Module 1: Understanding stress and anxiety
• Defining stress - what does stress really mean?
• Common sources of stress
• The effects of stress response on our body
• The most common symptoms of stress
• Recognising stress induced conditions
• Recognising positive stress and negative stress
• Recognising type A and type B personalities
• Identifying the main sources of work stress
• How workplace relationships affect your stress levels
• The impact and cost of stress at the workplace

Module 2: Taking control of your life minus the stress
• Changing your mind set – being optimistic and thinking positively
• Applying cognitive restructuring – looking at problems in a different way
• Learning to modify the type A behaviour
• Coping with panic or anxiety attacks

Module 3: Learning the art of relaxation and improving your lifestyle
• Preparing yourself for relaxation
• Identifying personal forms of relaxation
• Benefits of exercise, nutrition, moderation, sleep, love and laughter
• Questionnaire – how stressful is your lifestyle?

Module 4: Colour therapy to reduce stress and anxiety
• Understanding chromotology and chorology
• How colours affect mood
• Colour chart – meaning, impact, reaction
• Selecting colours for clothes and decorations
• Visualization through colour breathing

Learning objectives

• Recognise stressors and symptoms of stress
• Identify and deal effectively with workplace stress
• Adopt a positive mind-set and practise optimism
• Modify behaviour which is easily prone to anger and agitation
• Manage panic and anxiety attacks effectively
• Improve lifestyle through various forms of relaxation
• Learn how colours can reduce stress and enhance mood

Ms K Yasotha
K. Yasotha is an experienced corporate trainer in the areas of business
communication, personal development, leadership, customer service, public speaking as well as writing skills has more than 16 years of experience in the education and training industry and has lectured with various leading institutes and multinational organisations in Malaysia and Singapore.

Having been the customer relations manager for an international organisation, she imparts the essential skills and knowledge that are pertinent to ensure the highest quality of service to customers while maintaining professional business etiquette. In addition, she has also
published course books entitled “Easy English / Working English “ for National Productivity Board (NPB) of Singapore.

She is well-known for her practical, dynamic and lively sessions. She achieves her objectives and mission through challenging interactive sessions, thus consistently receiving excellent feedback from her participants. She is also a certified trainer in TESL holds a B.A. Honours in English and M.Sc. in Corporate Communication.


Managers, leaders, executives, front-line personnel and anybody who needs to reduce stress and adopt a more positive life.

1 day