Fast closing monthly and year-end accounts (19-Feb-2016)

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In order to be effective in fast closing and year end accounts, you need to have the financial management skills to problem solving. This workshop will provide you with an environment that stimulates proactive behavior in order to achieve greater goals for yourselves and your organisation.

By creating financial value for your organisation, you will be amazed at the speed of career advancement. Real current financial issues and cases will be analysed and scenario solutions used for this extensive workshop.

NOTE: Please bring laptop along

Module 1: Understanding fast closing monthly and year-end accounts
• Relevant information that management needs to drive future performance
• Reduces the time and efforts spent on closing and reporting activities
• Burning issues in fast closing

Module 2: Critical roles of the finance function
• Strategic management
• Management control
• Business process
• Developing the vision
• Achieving efficiency
• Contribution to the organisation’s bottom line

Module3: Improving the finance process
• Work should be organised around results
• Data should be captured one time – and accurately
• Controls should be incorporated into information processing
• Treat geographically dispersed resources as one
• On-line approval and queries

Module 4: Monthly closing same day
• P&L
• Balance sheet
• Cash flow
• Management reporting

Module 5: Fast closing success stories and best practices companies
• Cisco’s virtual close
• JC Penney, web-based version solution
• Example of best practice companies

Learning objectives

By the end of this course, participant will be able to:
• why cannot fast closing monthly and year-end accounts?
• critical roles of the finance function • redesign finance function
• implementing process improvement project
• redefining the role for finance managers

Dr Steven Liew Woon Choy
Dr Steven Liew is a fellow member of the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants, UK and is a Chartered Accountant by profession. He has a Asia Pacific Executive MBA (for senior executives) from the National University of Singapore and a PhD in international finance with Rushmore University of USA.
He had worked in private sector companies, ranging from family-run businesses to professionally managed multi-national corporations in South Asia and the ASEAN region. He has accumulated more than 28 years’  working experience in senior financial and operational management positions spearheading the profitability and growth of companies.
He is a registered trainer with the Government Human Resources Development Berhads (Pembangunan Sumber Manusia Berhads) and had conducted various seminars for corporate clientele. He is specialise in fast closing monthly, leadership, strategic planning, budgeting, accounting, finance, cost reduction, credit management and loan recovery.


Entrepreneurs, Bankers, Accountants, CFO, CEO, Business Managers, Finance Managers, Supervisors, and Managers

1 day