Understanding hedge funds - Workshop 2018

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This alternative asset class is one of the key earning pillars of top-tiered investment banks and becomes more popular in Asia (particularly in HK and China) since the outbreak of various market crises. In this workshop, you will gain insights on the hedge fund managers, including their trading strategies, value creation drivers, due diligence checklists, and the risk and return performance measures from an investment banker’s perspectives.

Key topics covered:

  • Why hedge fund?
  • Difference between hedge fund and traditional fund
  • Different types of hedge fund strategy (such as equity long-short, relative value, event driven)
  • Performance measure from an investment banker’s perspective
  • New role of hedge fund in M&A deal

Trainer profile:

D Tang has over 20 years of experience in risk management and product risk analysis at various leading US and European investment and corporate banks. His product coverage ranges from trade finance to syndicated loans, derivatives and structured products, and leveraged financing for corporate (SME and corporate) banks, financial institutions and funds in Greater China and SE Asia region. D Tang is experienced in providing both internal and external training to various investment and corporate banks, government supervisory bodies, and various professional institutes. He is also an author of an investment book.

Learning objectives

  • Understand key value and risk drivers of hedge fund investment
  • Gain insights of how fund managers pick a good hedge fund and their parameters
  • Know the key investment considerations behind the scene of the hedge fund managers
  • Understand the new role of hedge fund in M&A deal


This workshop is suitable for finance professionals, accountants, relationship managers, Investors, and anyone who is interested in understanding hedge fund.



3 hours