Approach to SME financing for accountants - Workshop 2018

While bank financings is among the most common types of external financing for small and medium enterprises (SMEs). Traditional bank financing comes with a set of challenges to SMEs, particularly to newly start-ups, online-to-offline businesses and, technology companies. All the said SMEs represent a riskier credit profile from lenders’ perspective.

This workshop aims to broaden the financing options available to SMEs, via enabling SMEs practitioners and/ or finance managers to know more about various types of financing services they can approach under different channels. The SMEs practitioners and / or finance managers can also comprehend various credit risks faced by bankers.

Key topics covered:

  • Why SMEs customers are important to banks?
  • Ranges of SMEs financings available for manufacturing, trading and services sectors by financers;
  • Latest financial services available to SMEs with cross-border businesses
  • How start-up business obtains support from banks?
  • Insights of various risk factors for credit considerations
  • Major reasons of SMEs business failure

Trainer profile:

Holding two professional qualifications, Samson is a masters’ degree holder and has over 25 years of solid banking experience in both credit and marketing functions. Over the years, the speaker has extensive experience in dealing with customers from SMEs, medium enterprises and securities house in Hong Kong/Macau/Guangdong Province.

Learning objectives

  • Able to structure suitable credit facilities to cope with their business needs
  • Understand various credit risks involved in bank financing
  • Identify strategies for seeking working capital loan from financers for start-up business


This workshop is suitable for financial controllers, finance managers, junior treasurers, accountants and those who are interested in this topic or responsible for obtaining financing from banks.

6 hours