Cybersecurity: Challenges in a changing landscape - Workshop 2018

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Internal security threats is a growing risk of cybersecurity. Due to the rapid growth of cyber-criminal, companies should update their cybersecurity practices in order to minimise the risks of cybersecurity. This workshop will provide an overview of cybersecurity and discusses how to address cybersecurity challenges.

Key topics covered:

  • Introduction to cybersecurity
  • Major issues in cybersecurity
  • Latest developments in cybersecurity
  • Cybersecurity and data privacy risk
  • Cybersecurity regulations and legal concerns
  • Effective Cybersecurity Program

Trainer profile:

Sun Kin Kwok Darron, Head of Information Technology, Hong Kong Housing Society

Being the Head of Information Technology at Hong Kong Housing Society, the mandate of Mr. Sun is to provide vision and leadership for developing and implementing information technology initiatives. He is accountable to direct the planning and implementation of enterprise IT systems in support of business operations in order to improve cost effectiveness, service quality and business development of HKHS.

Previously, he was the Assistant Vice President of Manulife Hong Kong Information Technology accountable for the delivery of all Hong Kong Employee Benefits systems, and was responsible for all IT Compliance and operation risk management of IT. He was the Head of IS audit at Manulife Asia Division and was accountable for the delivery of IT audit services across 11 Asia countries.


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Learning objectives

  • Define cybersecurity
  • Identify issues in Cybersecurity
  • Understand how to tackle Cybersecurity challenges


This workshop is suitable for professionals to gain knowledge of cybersecurity. Those who are interested in this topic are welcome to attend.



3 hours