Transformational technology in finance - Workshop 2018

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CFOs and finance professionals who can accurately report on the financial position of their organisation with detail and insight and on a timely basis is empowered and prepared for a volatile business environment.
In this workshop, you will gain an overview understanding of the key technology disruptions that are transforming the way the businesses, social and personal lives are operating. The workshop will also highlight the implication for those lagging in staying aligned with the change and the recommended actions that may be taken to address them.

Key topics covered:

  • A glimpse into key disruptive trends reported by leading surveys
    - Disruptive Trends
    - Insights into adoption in SMART automation
    - Insights into adoption in Blockchain Technology
  • A glimpse into key disruptive trends reported by leading surveys
    - Insights into adoption in Data Analytics
    - Insights into adoption in Cloud
  • Success Stories
    - Transformation and the outcomes of organisations who have successfully embraced and adopted the disruptive trends to their advantages
  • Embarking on the transformative journey
    - Framework for Getting started
    - Best Practices consideration
    - Risks and pitfall

Trainer profile:

Dr David S.Y. Cheng, DBA, MBA & BS

A graduate of the University of Oregon with a Bachelor of Science (BS) degree, Dr David Cheng completed his Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree with the University of Western Sydney in 2001. Dr Cheng received his Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) degree from the University of South Australia in 2008.

Since the early eighties, he worked for a number of global financial institutions where he held senior positions including credit and marketing functions. He joined HSBC in l986 and was with the Group for 15 years, latterly as Special Assets Manager of Corporate & Institutional Banking. His major focuses include credit analysis, commercial lending and credit risk management. Dr Cheng tutors in several recognised institutes in Hong Kong.


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Learning objectives

  • Understanding the key disruptive trends and the impacts experienced in various industries
  • Highlights into transformation undertaken by businesses in leveraging on the changes to stay competitive
  • Understand the various key impacts on businesses and individuals who fail to stay align and stay relevance
  • Aware of actions to stay relevance and remain competitive in the evolving disruptive landscape


This workshop is suitable for managers and accountants of planning, financial and analytical departments of field of work, financial managers and analysts, internal auditors and internal controllers, managers and specialists of management accounting and other financial services as well as any who is interested in gaining knowledge in transformational technology in finance.



3 hours