Understanding business valuation for accountants - Workshop 2018.

This workshop aims to provide you with an understanding of business valuation and its terminologies as well as how business valuation supports the decision making process; and what is required in a valuation.

Key topics covered:

  • What is business valuation?
  • The purposes of business valuation and who needs business valuation
  • Business valuation procedures
  • Commonly adopted valuation methodologies
  • Selection of valuation methodologies
  • Adjustments to valuations

Trainer profile:

Anson Lau, Associate Director, Flagship Appraisals and Consulting Limited

Anson has been involved in business valuation field for more than seven years. He is a CFA chartered holder and a Financial Risk Manager. He has advised listed companies and multinational corporations in M&A, financial reporting, and company restructuring.



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Learning objectives

  • Understand the purposes of business valuations
  • Know how business valuations support business decision making process
  • Gain knowledge of valuation methodologies
  • Apply general procedures in business valuations
  • Understand the consideration when valuers performing business valuations


This workshop is specially designed for accountants, finance professionals, investors, C-suites executives and those who are exposed to key business decisions.

3 hours