Creating a powerful presentation - Workshop 2018

Making a positive impression is a key determinant on whether a deal can be endorsed. The need to understand stakeholders’ thought process and behavioural patterns, and delivering a good presentation is vital when conveying ideas, especially with sophisticated stakeholders in the room.

This workshop aims to help you create your next presentation with high impact and engagement with your audience.

Key topics covered:

  • Understand why and how people communicate
  • Assess and analyse the audiences
  • Structure an effective presentation for better connection
  • Get over their concerns in making presentations and be confident to stand up presenting in front of their audiences

Trainer profile:

Dr Harry Wong (aka Dr. Happy)
ABNLP certified NLP master trainer (Asia 1st) and master coach (China 1st)
Certified Facilitator of LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® Method and Materials
Accredited HKMAAL General Mediator (Accountancy and Family)

Harry is a business consultant, training architect and director with over 27 years of extensive global and Greater China business and people management experience and has trained over 34,500 business students and professionals in universities and corporations on appreciative leadership, communication for connection, happy coaching, mindfulness, positivity, team empowerment, creativity and change management with his passionate, interactive and lively training and facilitating style.

Learning objectives

  • Understand the purpose of the presentation
  • Able to assess and analyse audiences’ focus and needs
  • Design an effective presentation by step-by-step structure
  • Know how to arouse audiences’ attention at start and connect with everyone in the room throughout the presentation


This workshop is suitable for professionals and managers who desire to refine their mindset and build on from their “on-the-job” experiences in making presentations to large or small group of audiences, from internal meetings and briefings within the company to external business presentations to hundreds.

3 hours