Empowering leadership for positive employee engagement - Workshop 2018

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In nowadays society, our roles and responsibilities involve more than just doing our job well in the workplace. As senior management and heads of different committees and departments, we need to find ways to engage ourselves, be open-minded to embrace change, as well as to work and communicate well with our internal team and stakeholders in order to strengthen our buy-in and contribution to the company.

This workshop aims to promote the importance of Mindset management, Communication enhancement for connection and Effective people management.

Key topics covered:

  • Mindset management for self-motivation and work commitment
  • Accountability and taking ownership for what they do (i.e. what’s in it for me to do a good job) and get out of own silo effect
  • Communication enhancement for connection (via experience sharing and storytelling)
  • Lead with appreciation and empowerment

Trainer profile:

Dr Harry Wong (aka Dr. Happy)
ABNLP certified NLP master trainer (Asia 1st) and master coach (China 1st)
Certified Facilitator of LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® Method and Materials
Accredited HKMAAL General Mediator (Accountancy and Family)

Harry is a business consultant, training architect and director with over 27 years of extensive global and Greater China business and people management experience and has trained over 34,500 business students and professionals in universities and corporations on appreciative leadership, communication for connection, happy coaching, mindfulness, positivity, team empowerment, creativity and change management with his passionate, interactive and lively training and facilitating style.

Learning objectives

  • Understand why employees may not be as motivated as they could and how to promote positivity at work
  • Know the keys to be an effective leader and be committed for being one
  • Gain knowledge on how better to utilise the power of empowering leadership in building rapport and fostering peak performance with your team
  • Build the right mindset to commit and sustain self and employee engagement


This workshop is suitable for professionals and managers who would like to refine own “Can Do” mindset, stay positive in managing their daily work and to strengthen their influential ability for better connection and team commitment at work.



3 hours