Corporate governance for the financial services sector - Workshop 2018

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In the post Global Financial Crisis world, governments around the world leaped into action with a series of legislative and administrative measures to regulate the financial services sector. Much of the regulations involve administrative measures to enforce the law, codes and guidelines without necessarily resorting to litigation or prosecution.

Measures have been introduced in Hong Kong by the Securities and Futures Commission under the auspices of Managers in Charge (MIC). Whilst bearing a clear resemblance to the SMR, it is not as detailed and prescriptive as the UK’s regulatory demands. Nevertheless, this has implications for HK securities companies, in particular the corporate governance of such companies.

This workshop will discuss the SMR and MIC implications for the way financial services companies will be governed.

Key topics covered:

  • SMR and MIC implications
  • New regulatory measures on corporate governance in the financial services companies

Trainer profile:

Dr Angus Young FCPA (Aust.) has held academic appointments at a number of universities. Currently he is Senior Lecturer at the Department of Accountancy and Law and Programme Director, MSc in Applied Accounting and Finance, HKBU, Distinguished Research Fellow at the German-Sino Institute of Legal Studies, Nanjing University, as well as Adjunct Fellow at the Western Sydney University Law School.

His contributions to the field of compliance had been recognised with three awards by the GRC Institute in 2014 including the Honorary Fellow Award, a joint recipient for the Brian Sharpe Memorial Essay Award, and an Honorary Mention for Honorary Fellow Award in 2009.

Angus is a Fellow of CPA Australia, Fellow of FINSIA, Member of the HKSI, and Member of the GRC Institute with accreditations as a Certified Compliance Professional as well as a Certified Risk Professional. As well, has completed a Certificate in Governance Practice with the Governance Institute of Australia. He is also holder of five undergraduate and postgraduate degrees in Law, Economics and Political Science.


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Learning objectives

  • Understand the new regulatory measures on corporate governance in the financial services companies
  • Alert managers in financial services companies to the compliance demands of MIC


This workshop is suitable for accounting and finance professionals as well as anyone who is interested in corporate governance in the post GRC era for the financial services sector.



3 hours