Social media - How to run a good Facebook Campaign - Workshop 2017

Social media is one of the greatest trends of this decade. In this course, you will know the screen behind the social media. What makes the message pop up on your screen? Who gets to decide what you are going to read?

By understanding the tactics and strategies of digital marketers, you will know more about social media content marketing. We will also show you some successful cases and latest trends. And after that, you will learn how to obtain more likes and interactions, drive sales, and attract new followers.

This workshop will provide you with a broad picture of social media marketing. It will cover basic knowledge to strategic campaign structuring.

The first section is the basic introduction of social media channels. You will learn the latest trends, user size, and development of each social media channel. We will also show you the trend of rules and algorithm of Facebook from a data insight. At the end, you will know what is viral marketing and some basic rules of an effective campaign.

The second section will mainly be about Facebook, as it is the most popular social media channel in HK. We will introduce some methods to boost your page, to make your account perform better. Apart from the content and tactics, we will also go through the technology aspect, like how latest technology and updates on Facebook allows you to interact with your customers. Merging the hottest topics in town, an eye-catching account is ready!

Finally, we will go through the campaign level. You will know the market normal practice, how to structure and monitor a campaign. We will share real life examples and shows how a campaign actually runs.

Key topics covered:

  • Social Media Marketing
  • Introduction - Social media channels & statistic - Viral Marketing elements
  • Facebook Trends and Tactics - KOL , Game, Teaser, etc. - Tech support
  • Campaign Level - A structured campaign - Case study

Trainer profile:

Ronald Ng is an enthusiastic Digital Marketer, handled over 60 projects in just the past-2-year. With his passion and expertise, in 2015, he started his own business on digital agency named as Strategic Digital Marketing Company - SDMC. For the past few years, SDMC has used search engine marketing, content development, internet technology, conversion optimisation tools to achieve personalised and tailor-made business solution for their clients. He currently also a Director of WatchViva – an international online watch platform, starting a new journey of his entrepreneurship.

Learning objectives

  • Understand the nature of Social Media
  • Get update with latest trends and data
  • Create a vision & objective in social media campaign
  • Build a social media strategy
  • Learn from case study discussion


This workshop is suitable for Facebook page owner, business owner, marketer, and those who are interested in social media marketing & management.

1.5 hours