Auditing update and the new auditor’s report - Workshop 2017

Several new and revised International Standards on Auditing (ISAs) and Hong Kong Standards on Auditing (HKSAs) have been implemented for audits of financial statements for the periods ending on or after 15 December 2016. This workshop supplemented by a panel discussion will equip you with updates on the new and revised ISAs and HKSAs. You will also gain practical insights on issues in applying ISAs and HKSAs for both listed entities and SMEs.

Key topics covered:

  • Update of revised ISAs/HKSAs effective for 2016/2017
  • Update of the new auditor’s report
  • Update of new ISA/HKSA 701, Communicating Key Audit Matters in the Independent Auditor’s Report
  • Practical issues in applying the new and revised ISAs/HKSAs for both listed entities and SMEs

Trainer profile:

Mr Nelson Lam, Chairman, Nelson CPA Limited
Mr Kenneth Lau, Director, Crowe Horwath (HK) CPA Limited
Mr Webster Ng, Founder and Sole Proprietor, Webster Ng & Co.
Mr Gary Poon, Principal, Poon & Co.

Learning objectives

  • Understand the updates of the new and revised ISAs/HKSAs effective for 2016/2017
  • Learn the new auditor’s report
  • Remember and understand the new ISA/HKSA 701
  • Identify the practical issues in applying new and revised ISAs/HKSAs


This workshop is suitable for those who prepare, read and audit financial statements, including auditors, accountants, finance professionals and one who is interested in new ISA and HKSA.

3 hours