Lunch Seminar: BEPS in China and preparatory actions - Workshop 2017

Base erosion and profit shifting (“BEPS”) refers to tax avoidance strategies that exploit gaps and mismatches in tax rules to artificially shift profits to low or no-tax locations. Under the inclusive framework, over 100 countries and jurisdictions are collaborating to implement the BEPS measures and tackle BEPS along with cross-border arrangements.

The OECD/G20 BEPS Project creates a single set of consensus-based international tax rules to protect tax bases while offering increased certainty and predictability to taxpayers. The 15 BEPS Action Plans equips governments with domestic and international instruments to address tax avoidance, ensuring that profits are taxed where economic activities generating the profits are performed and where value is created.

Key topics covered:

  • An outline of the 15 BEPS Actions;
  • Common myths and facts about BEPS;
  • BEPS implementation in China, results and cases; and
  • Proactive preparation from corporate and tax consultant perspectives.

Trainer profile:

Mr Caesar Wong, Managing Director, China Business Services, RSM Hong Kong

Mr Wong is a professional accountant, certified tax advisor, and trusted China business partner. He was with Andersen, PwC, EY and Deloitte for the past 24 years before joining RSM Hong Kong. Mr Wong was seconded to Shanghai back in 1994 and was relocated to Guangzhou to support and witness the development of the member zones of China (Guangdong) Pilot Free Trade Zone. Mr Wong has solid experience in delivering practical solutions to China and cross-border tax and business projects. He is also specialized in China investment services, government services, and tax controversy solution services. Mr Wong supports policy studies and drafting, and is a popular speaker at government policy consultation meetings, important conferences, and trainings for officials.

Learning objectives

  • Learn the 15 BEPS Actions
  • Identify the common myths and facts about BEPS
  • Explain BEPS implementation in China, results and cases
  • Apply proactive preparation from corporate and tax consultant perspectives


This workshop is suitable for INED, corporate management executives, professionals  from entities with cross-border investments, operations or transactions and anyone who is interested in learning BEPS in China and preparatory actions.

1.5 hours