Financial instrument measurement, Disclosure and hedge accounting - Workshop 2017

The global financial crisis in 2008 triggered a global effort to improve the consistency, comparability and clarity of accounting standards on financial instruments of which is one of the ultimate cause of the global financial crisis. After years of progress, IASB has completed the IFRS 9 to give a comprehensive response on the financial instruments. This workshop aims to provide the knowledge of measurement, disclosure and hedge accounting. Accounting standards and valuation principles of the financial instruments will also be covered.

Key topics covered:

  • Financial derivatives with practical examples
  • Financial instrument measurement: fair value measurement
  • Financial instrument measurement: generally accepted valuation principles for Black Scholes Merton model, tree model and Monte Carlo simulation model
  • Financial instrument disclosure and fair value measurement disclosure
  • Hedge accounting

Trainer profile:

Mr Darren Tam, CFA, CPA, Accredited Mediator

After graduating with Bachelor of Science in Quantitative Finance at the Chinese University of Hong Kong, Mr Tam joined one of the Big 4 in 2004. Completing the IPO listing project as reporting accountant in 2010, he took the challenging opportunity to work in the Finance Department of a leading Chinese based securities firm in Hong Kong. In the past six years, he was fully responsible for the firm’s finance function including interim and annual report, management analysis, budgeting and taxation as well as debt and equity capital transactions. He also supported management on business development including direct investment and structured product business as well as fixed income investments. Mr Tam is now working as director in the COO office in AMTD Group Co., Ltd

Mr Noah Wong, CPA, FRM, MFIN

Mr Wong provides valuation audit and advisory services to listed and private entities in various sectors. He has engaged in number of IPO projects and M&A transactions. He is responsible for valuation of financial instruments such as financial derivatives and convertible bonds, business enterprises, intangible assets, and other assets and liabilities for IFRS / HKFRS financial reporting and transaction purposes. Besides, Mr Wong has experience in auditing various types of financial institutions and listed entities and delivering regular internal and external trainings.

Learning objectives

  • Understand the latest development of the key accounting and valuation techniques of financial instruments
  • Enhance the understanding of the financial instrument standards
  • Learn from the practical examples of impairment in regular and shadow banking
  • Identify various types of financial instrument measurements
  • Gain the knowledge of hedge accounting


This workshop is suitable for accountants, finance professionals and anyone who are interested in or engaged in preparation of or review and assessment of financial information related to financial instruments.

3 hours