Understanding the stock market: lessons from a professional trader - Workshop 2017

This workshop is specially designed for professionals who want to gain knowledge in practical application of fundamental analysis of the stock market.

Key topics covered workshop 1: (10 July)

  • Common valuation metrics
  • Cyclically adjusted PE
  • Fed Model
  • Use of economic data, etc.

Key topics covered workshop 2: (19 June) 

  • Dow Theory
  • Market seasonality
  • Chart pattern and the use of market data
  • Bayesian approach for prediction, etc.

Trainer profile:

Nicky Fong is currently a columnist for various finance media in Hong Kong, including Hong Kong Economic Journal, and has been a full-time independent trader since 2012. Prior to this, Nicky worked with one of the largest private fund in HK and as a team head for a local magazine, iMoney. He obtained his bachelor degree from The University of Hong Kong, majoring in Economics and Philosophy, and further awarded a MSc degree in Data Science and Business statistics from The Chinese University of Hong Kong. He was awarded the CFA designation in 2007.

Learning objectives

  • Analyse various valuation metrics and their applications on Hang Seng Index
  • Recognise the common issues of valuation metrics
  • Understand cyclically adjusted PE
  • Comprehend the importance of interest rate in determining value
  • Identify trends in stock market using economic data


This workshop is suitable for professionals and anyone who is interested in fundamental analysis of stock market.

3 hours