Banking Relationship Management and Financing Strategies for Financial Controller - Workshop 2017

It has been increasingly challenging for corporate and institutional clients to obtain financing from banks given the growing complexity of banking and regulatory requirements. This workshop aims to discuss the prevailing banking practices and customer selection criteria. It will be supplemented with practical experience sharing in dealing with bankers from different types of banks, including international, Asian and Chinese banks.

Key topics covered:

Part 1 :Banking Relationship Management

  • Why banking relationship is important for borrower
  • Considerations for banks to extend financing
  • Ways to achieve good banking relationship

Part 2 : Types of Bank financing

  • Short-term financing
  • Long-term financing
  • Latest market trend in bank financing

Part 3: Group activities

  • How to present a lending case to banker

Trainer profile:

Gloria Yung is a banking professional with over 20 years experience in corporate and institutional banking with roles across relationship management, credit analysis, product management and strategic planning. Joining Deutsche Bank in 2015, Gloria is the Head of Corporate Banking Corporate for Non-Bank Financial Institutions for North Asia covers key institutional clients for their regional banking requirements. Prior to Deutsche Bank, Gloria had been in various management roles with China Minsheng Bank and JP Morgan. Gloria holds a Bachelor of Business Administration in Finance from Hong Kong Baptist University and Master of Accounting from Monash University. She is also a member of CPA Australia and HKICPA.

Learning objectives

  • Understand the dynamic in banking relationship management
  • Apply various banking financing solution to better achieve their firm financing objectives
  • Identify the ways in which banks make their corporate and institutional lending decisions in order to maximalise the chance of obtaining finance on favourable terms.
  • Gain understanding of the importance and tactics for corporate to maintain good banking relationship to help achieving financing goals


This workshop is specially designed for finance managers, financial controllers, corporate treasurers and other financial professionals who want to know the dynamic and tactic in managing banking relationship to help their firms to maximise the chance of obtaining bank financing on favourable terms.

3 hours