Change Management - Workshop 2017

In today’s business environment, change is becoming a constant variable both within and outside of an organisation. Good managers, accounting professionals and team members in firms and within the company should all work seamlessly as a team to identify, embrace and utilise changes as an edge to achieve company success and self-empowerment. Effective change management is about how accounting professionals and business managers define purpose of the change process, what it entails and how they dedicate their time and effort in managing changes in different aspects of a project until its successful completion.


Key topics covered:

  • Mindset management for self-motivation and work commitment
  • Develop a strong mentality to face challenges and manage changes
  • Embrace changes as a normal course of business
  • Learn and practice an effective change management model
  • Facilitate and manage different phases of change management
  • Become a change champion in the workplace

Trainer profile:

Dr Harry Wong (aka Dr. Happy), FCPA

Dr Harry Wong has trained and facilitated over 32,000 professionals and management in Greater China (incl. Macau), US, UK, Canada, Australia and Singapore. He is Asia 1st Certified NLP master trainer by American Board of NLP personally trained and certified by Drs. Tad and Adriana James, and China 1st certified coach trainer at master level by American Board of NLP – Coaching Division. He is an accredited HKMAAL General Mediator (Accountancy and Family), a Chartered professional accountant of CICA, Canada, and a Doctor of Applied Psychology, USA. His areas of specialisation include: appreciative leadership, employee engagement, communication for connection, high impact presentation, happy coaching, positivity and change management.

Sam H. W. LAW, FCPA, FCPA (Aust.), FCCA, CICPA, CMA, LLB (London), MBA (Berkeley)

Sam Law has over 25 years of corporate finance, accounting, investment management, corporate development experiences for major multinational listed and private companies in USA and Hong Kong such as Kraft, Time Warner, Brunswick, New World Group, Hong Kong Productivity Council. At present, he is Director of New Spring Capital Limited, a SFC licensed entity and TIC Associates Limited, specialising in IPO, M&A transactions, financial advisory work, business turnaround consultancy, corporate training for listed and private companies. He is Adjunct Lecturer and Advisor, School of Business and Finance, HKU SPACE since 2005 and has served as part-time lecturer for various tertiary institutions from Australia, Hong Kong, United Kingdom and China.

Learning objectives

Session 1

  • Be aware of the impact of change and embrace change positively and generatively as part of work
  • Understand how to be adaptive to change with a creative and open mind
  • Get motivated to face and manage challenges coming ahead
  • Develop a “Can Do” belief mind-set

Session 2

  • Understand the key terminology of change management
  • Recognise the components of the change management model
  • Identify the different roles you may play in the change management process
  • Understand the responsibilities of a change champion in each phase of the change management model


Business managers and accounting professionals who want to set their mind right and get ready for embracing and managing changes in the workplace.  Professionals who desire to know how better to manage change in this world full of opportunities and challenges with relevant tips and practical tools.

6 hours