Project Management - Workshop 2017

This workshop combines project management theory and practical experience in project management. The training objective is to help current and future project managers improving their skillsets to successfully deliver the projects and identifying the key project risks.

Project management is an everyday event to most to us. While good project managers are ones who are capable in picking up new tasks, being able to adapt for changes and in completing it by the deadlines, great project managers are ones who can collaborate, communicate and work well with their own team members as well as leveraging different functions and operations as resources to ensure the project are executed successfully.

Key topics covered:

Session 1 (in English)

  • Who is project manager?
  • Typical lifecycle for Project Management
  • Managing stakeholder during the lifecycle of project
  • Expectation of project manager
  • Key roles of project manager
  • Key project risks and mitigation approach

Session 2 (in Cantonese)

  • Key success factors of a GREAT project manager
  • Systematic flow of a “sure-win” project management process
  • Strategic monitoring of a successful project
  • Mindset required of a project manager
  • Work well with stakeholders involved in the project
  • Accountability and take ownership for the project

Trainer profile:

Michael Pang, Managing Director, Protiviti Greater China

Michael Pang is a Managing Director and the IT Consulting practice leader of Protiviti Greater China. He has vast Project Management experience and is a qualified Project Management Professional. He has around 18 years of experience in advising Chairmen, Presidents, and CXOs of leading corporations across Asia Pacific regions on strategic and technology-related issues. Throughout his consulting career, he has managed many projects of various natures, including strategy design, organisation transformation, merger integration, risk assessment, and system implementation projects.

Dr Harry Wong (aka Dr. Happy), FCPA

Dr Harry Wong has trained and facilitated over 32,000 professionals and management in Greater China (incl. Macau), US, UK, Canada, Australia and Singapore. He is Asia 1st Certified NLP master trainer by American Board of NLP personally trained and certified by Drs. Tad and Adriana James, and China 1st certified coach trainer at master level by American Board of NLP – Coaching Division. He is an accredited HKMAAL General Mediator (Accountancy and Family), a Chartered professional accountant of CICA, Canada, and a Doctor of Applied Psychology, USA. His areas of specialisation include: appreciative leadership, employee engagement, communication for connection, high impact presentation, happy coaching, positivity and change management.

Learning objectives

  • Improve skillsets to successfully deliver projects
  • identify the key project risks
  • Know how better to think and behave with flexibility and to make others feel more comfortable in working together as a team
  • Be able to create and maintain harmonised team work as part of daily work
  • Facilitate accountability and take ownership for what they do (i.e. what’s in it for me to do a good job) and get out of own silo effect
  • Develop a collaboration strategy to achieve a win-win-win situation


Business managers and accounting professionals who would like to know how to play their role as project managers and be able have a better idea how to plan and manage their projects at work more effectively.  Also relevant to professionals who would like to refine own buy-in mind-set, stay positive in managing successful projects and to strengthen their influential ability on teams and stakeholders at work.

5 hours