Leadership Essentials - Workshop 2017

In today’s business environment, our roles and responsibilities involve more than just leadership in the workplace. As managers and professional accountants, we not only need to lead our team but also to manage our mindset and sustain a well-being in managing your daily work. Stepping into an era full of challenges and talent diversity, there is an urge for a paradigm shift to what is perceived as a “new normal” way to lead in this ever-changing business world.

This workshop is delivered in two sessions. In the first session on self-leadership, it aims to foster and reinforce managers and accounting professionals’ well-being, positive mind-set and engagement in the workplace. The second session on appreciative and positive leadership, it focuses on engagement, why it matters to all and how do we develop managers and accounting professionals into catalysts for better employee engagement.

Key topics covered:

  • Better people management with the needed mindset and attitude
  • Increased confidence and capabilities in leading teams
  • Help self and team members to get out of silo effect
  • Be a sustainable role-model to the team
  • Practice strength-based and appreciative leadership
  • Know better how to communicate to motivate team to achieve team objectives

Trainer profile:

Dr Harry Wong (aka Dr. Happy), FCPA

Dr Harry Wong has trained and facilitated over 32,000 professionals and management in Greater China (incl. Macau), US, UK, Canada, Australia and Singapore. He is Asia 1st Certified NLP master trainer by American Board of NLP personally trained and certified by Drs. Tad and Adriana James, and China 1st certified coach trainer at master level by American Board of NLP – Coaching Division. He is an accredited HKMAAL General Mediator (Accountancy and Family), a Chartered professional accountant of CICA, Canada, and a Doctor of Applied Psychology, USA. His areas of specialisation included: appreciative leadership, employee engagement, communication for connection, high impact presentation, happy coaching, positivity and change management.

Learning objectives

Session 1

  • Be aware of what it takes to be a GREAT leader
  • Increase self-awareness as a leader
  • Understand and develop your attitude to leadership
  • Know how better to become a role model to your team and to sustain your motivation and engagement as a leader

Session 2 

  • Acknowledge the power of appreciation in building rapport and fostering peak performance with your team
  • Learn how to communicate better and collaborate with your team
  • Know the benefits of positive thinking and how to engage your team in the workplace
  • Focus your mind-set as an appreciative leader to stimulate synergy in working with literally anyone


Business managers and accounting professionals who would like to equip themselves with self-sustainable mind-set to maintain motivation and to engage their team at work as role models.  Also relevant to those who would like to learn how better to create team synergy through strength identification and appreciation on staff uniqueness as leaders.

6 hours