Applying the Warren Buffett philosophy of investment in Hong Kong and China - Workshop 2016 - OLD

In 2015,  many investors and fund managers suffered from the stock crash of Chines and HK stock market. Despite the Government’s efforts to restore calm, the Chinese and HK market took investor on a volatile ride. In fact, an early indicator has been used by billionaire Warren Buffett suggests stock market crash is coming. The “Oracle of Omaha has followed this metric several times and it is helping to build enormous wealth in past few decades despite the market crashes. This workshop aims to help you understand the investment philosophy of W. Buffett and some critical quantitative metrics adopted by him to find the “undervalued” stock. 

The program outline will include:
• Investment philosophy of Warren Buffett
• Famous Quote of Warren  Buffett
• Understanding W. Buffett’s Magic Math Rule
• Quantitative application of W. Buffet’s way of Investing in HK & China
• Lesson learnt from recent Chinese stock market
• Case Study

Language: Cantonese supplemented with English

Learning objectives

The learning outcomes of the program include:
• understand the investment philosophy of W. Buffett  during  volatile market conditions;
• minimize the chance of investing high risky stock;
• unveil the financial metrics and quantitative techniques adopted by W. Buffett in choosing the “undervalued” stock. The workshop is supplemented with “case study” for illustration purpose
• Hear insights from the following speaker:

Mr. D Tang
Mr. D Tang has over 20 years of experience in risk management and product risk analysis at various leading US and European investment and corporate banks. His product coverage ranges from trade finance to syndicated loans, derivatives and structured products, and leveraged financing for corporate (SME and corporate) banks, financial institutions and funds in Greater China and SE Asia region. Mr. Tang is also experienced in providing both internal and external training to various investment and corporate banks, government supervisory bodies, and various professional institutes


This program is specially designed for financial professionals, accountants, fund manager who want to gain further knowledge in evaluating the stock especially in the times of highly volatile stock market in both HK and China.

3 hours