ICAC workshop on “Ethical decision making” - Workshop 2016

Along their career path, professionals may face various types of situations that present ethical challenges. A commitment to high ethical standards is essential for them to make a sound judgement which they can have it disclosed without misgivings. This workshop provides participants with useful perspectives for identifying an ethical issue and a step-by-step ethical decision making model to resolve ethical dilemmas and reach an appropriate course of action. 

The program will include the following outline:
• Introduction - Why be ethical?
• Anti-corruption legislation in Hong Kong
• Ethical Awareness
• Exercise to assess the current ethical climate
• Values Definition
- To identify the shared values of the participants
• Introduction of ethical decision model - ICAC ETHICS-PLUS Thinking Process(with group discussion on the cases prepared by participants)
- Ethical Analysis
o Introduction of the “right vs wrong” and “right vs right” dilemmas
o Test for wrong-doings
- Dilemma resolution
o Introduction of resolution principles

Course participants will be given a set pre-course reading materials and will be asked to prepare one real-life ethical dilemma for discussion at the workshop. It can be work related or personal experience.

Language: Cantonese supplemented with English

Learning objectives

The program will cover the following learning outcomes:
• gain knowledge on anti-corruption legislation in Hong Kong;
• gain greater insight into the importance of upholding professional and personal ethics
• be able to identify core ethical values
• understand the concept and nature of an ethical dilemma develop skills in resolving ethical dilemmas
• Hear insights from the following subject matter expert:

Ms. Yvonne Chan and Ms. Angel Kwok
Ms Yvonne CHAN and Ms Angel KWOK joined the Community Relations Department of the Independent Commission Against Corruption in 2002 and 2007 respectively. They worked in various units, organizing corruption prevention training to staff members in public and private sectors. Both Yvonne and Angel are working in the Hong Kong Business Ethics Development Centre. Their work focuses on promoting business and professional ethics to the Hong Kong business community.


This program is suitable for Accountants, Financial Managers, Business Unit Managers  or anyone who are interested in learning practical skills to resolve ethical dilemmas at workplace.

2 hours