Managing cash flows - The Cash Octet in cashflow control - Hong Kong Workshop 2016

This workshop aims to equip you with an understanding of the cash control process, complete with integral detailed analysis to ensure the business remains sustainable.  In this powerful and intensive session you are led through the Cash Octet, uncovering and releasing liquid funds from within your business. The workshop will lead you through the different techniques to be used in releasing funds from the organisation and to strengthen and protect your company’s position.  There are several main sources of such, which will be addressed during the workshop.

The content will also explore the Cash Octet – an eight phase series of key areas of the business that must be operating to the maximum performance level to enable the business to survive and grow in strength and position within the marketplace.  During the session, you will find out how to identify the eight key areas to examine as well as the steps to be taken to release hidden or locked-in cash.


Trainer Profile

William Francis Rowlands
Francis Rowlands is an international business trainer who has delivered programs across several major global brands in Asia such as KPMG, Sony, Coca Cola and Renesas. He also has extensive experience working with large national corporations and SMEs, as well as professional institutes in Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore and the United Kingdom. He has more than 15 years’ experience in manufacturing industries, eight years in the motor industry and nearly 25 years as a business development specialist across most business sectors. Francis headed the Management Accounting team for British Oxygen’s (BOC) largest UK subsidiary, and was responsible for three manufacturing plants.

Learning objectives

  • Application of best practice methods in cash flow management
  • Examine areas of the business to release cash
  • Key take-away techniques that can be used to overcome any obstacles or resistance
  • Understand dynamic steps in cash flow control 
  • Gain insights from case studies and examples



The program is suitable for Management Accountants, Financial Planners and Analysts, Finance Controllers, Management team, Business Unit Managers and middle management level finance-based delegates.

3 hours