Improving Excel productivity for finance professionals 2016 - Webinars

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Improving Excel productivity for finance professionals is a suite of webinars designed to hone your skills in areas such as monthly cash flow projections, rolling forecasts, advanced modelling and more.

Each webinar is designed specifically for finance professionals working with Microsoft Excel in their day-to-day working roles. Teaching points, case studies and activities carried out in the webinars reflect this content design emphasis.

  • A task-based, logical approach taken to content delivery in each webinar
  • Access to expert, practical Excel training via the convenience of online learning - all that is needed is an internet connection and a screen
  • Opportunities for you to test knowledge acquired in the webinar

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Webinars are 1 CPD hour each.

The facilitator for this webinar series is Marcus Small. Click on the image below for his biography.

2016 topics

  1. Create a balanced scorecard using Excel
  2. Advanced financial modelling techniques
  3. Essential Excel formulas for the finance professional
  4. What IF analysis using Excel
  5. Rolling forecasts Using Excel
  6. Business valuation Using Excel
  7. Charting for trend analysis
  8. Create a fixed asset register in Excel
  9. Monthly cash flow projections using Excel
  10. Linking the income statement and balance sheet in forecasting
  11. Reporting key performance indicators using Excel

Access to the recording of the webinar will be made available approximately 24 hours after the event. Access is available for 12 months, giving you the flexibility to watch anytime, anywhere, on any device.

For an optimal experience please check webinar technical support for testing and technical instructions. 

Learning objectives


Any finance professional wanting to improve their productivity and efficiency with Excel.



1 Hour